Product Demonstrations

RockTek’s licensed Shot Firers specialize in the use and application of the RockTek’s PCF/RocKracker™ (low shock) and are available to assist with sensitive rock excavation on civil and mining projects.

The removal of oversize boulders on the surface or underground is not a problem. If you are a Quarry operator, we can campaign fracture your accumulated oversize without the operation having to close down therefore no negative impact on productivity. If your oversize boulders are more than 1.5 metres in diameter then it is cheaper to use PCF/RocKracker™ instead of a costly Hydraulic Rock Breaker.

RockTek offers experienced personnel to the underground mining industry that can be dispatched to assist in the removal of high hang ups and other unstable rock masses that are slowing production rates.

RockTek offer the mining industry specialized training of your secondary breaking crews for the safe removal of oversized rocks and hang ups in the underground production areas to increase the availability of drawpoints and therefore increase production. RockTek currently provide this type of specialized secondary breaking training to our customers at the Northparkes Mine, Ridgeway Deeps and Cadia East Mine. Training can be tailored to suit the specific needs of clients depending on mining method.

If you need to fracture rock, solve an oversize boulder problem, demolish reinforced concrete or trenching solutions in a non intrusive and environmentally sensitive manner. RockTek are the experts to call on +61 (0) 418 925 501 or +61 (0) 406 383 791.